Ignore this!

So, you did not?! You ignored the “Ignore this”.
You are welcome.

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Did I say you should not read this blog?

Here is why I started this blog. No, it is not as it is not. It’s just I can’t … Stop Making Sense. However, who is me anyway?
More non-nonsense can be found in The Nonsense Box. The Nonsense Box can be found in Nonsense. This is disfinism, but who cares?
As a member of the Club Of Liars I welcome you as a new member. Or have you already been a member?

I think that no answer is an answer. Even poems are. But then, it’s all just Rats!

Well, I do not know how much time you have. Or, what do you think? What do you know?
May I ask one more question: Do I blame others?

Go ahead, give me some feedback, and then give me feedback about feedback about feedback.

You mean this is all too complicated? You do not understand?Move on, simplify your life!

Of course I’m lying, too.

(Last update: 2007-05-19)