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Right ranking

November 29th, 2009

Judgments express valuations (as in weightings).
They are a type of dichotomization.

Dichotomies are lies.
Judgments are worse.

Prejudices are the worst.

Things just don’t work like that

November 25th, 2009

The saying 'Things just dont work like that' is a lie; a horrible filthy lie.

Borrowed from Good Winter, see the original work.


Oberserving myself . . .

November 18th, 2009

I am observing.

I am observing myself.

I am observing myself observing myself.

I am observing myself observing myself observing myself.

. . . and so on and so forth . . .

I am observing myself observing myself … being lazy.

I am observing myself observing myself … being lazy observing myself.

. . .


Changing assumptions

November 15th, 2009

Change an assumption
and save the world.

— Heinz von Foerster, 1970

Quoted after Paul Schröder who 2009-11-14 at the Heinz von Foerster Congress 09 said he found this quote several times in his notes.

The Big Red Button

October 18th, 2009

[Update 2019-07-20: Game removed since it relied on ancient technology. The YouTube video do not push the big red button shows it in action.]

Liars are telling the truth

October 14th, 2009

> > Liars are telling the truth.
> Liar!
See? I told you!

Who knows

September 16th, 2009

who knows who knows

Turning together with/out words

September 7th, 2009

Our only apparently unique invention is written language, and there’s lots of evidence that it’s the least effective form of communication we have, and the form most prone to misunderstanding

writes Dave Pollard in his recent blog post Turning Together Without Words.