Welcome liars, or not?

Welcome as a new member of the Club Of Liars! Or, tell me, have you already been a member?

3 Responses to “Welcome liars, or not?”

  1. sm says:

    Is this a lie?

    Today I went to my husband’s grave, for sticking 13 orange roses in the deep snow – 13 was my husbands’ favourite number. two elder ladies stopped at the grave, looked at it and one of them said: ” two roses would have been enough. it would look much nicer.” of course they did not realize who I am. I went to a wastepaperbasket and walking back I heard them talking about me – they must have had realized who I am. I stopped right next to them to light a candle and they said: “it looks so beautiful, just very beautiful.”

    would my reaction be the same?
    would your reaction be the same?
    Is this lying or is it the opposite?

  2. nobody says:

    everybody is somebody with a body – but, why do you need a body to be nobody ?
    somebody said something, or … maybe nobody said nothing.

  3. rattus says:

    If it’s true that nobody said nothing, this indeed is something. But since nobody did it with no body nobody might as well be wrong. Which then suggests that nobody did say nothing. However, this is obviously wrong.
    Nobody is a true liar. Welcome to the club.