Hope has two beautiful daughters

It’s often quite amazing how one stumbles across a new idea, picture, hint, or quote: Currently, I am thinking my bit about Global Change. Then a dear friend reminded me of a picture that I once found showing a bear all covered in snow and ice, and the text said “Tested under extreme conditions”. I thought: “Well, we might need that soon.” And shortly after that: “No, wait, we are tested. Most of us for many years, even decades.”

When I searched the web for sources of the phrase “tested under extreme conditions” I found a quote by St. Augustine:

“Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.”

— St. Augustine

So this is hope. And, anger was what I felt about how the threats of Global Change are being dealt with. Am I courageous enough to see that things do not remain as they are? And, that an uncertain future certainly is one of these things? Do I have the courage to see that things are going to change and that this very change might change?

9 Responses to “Hope has two beautiful daughters”

  1. Cairo Otaibi says:

    Indeed! Thanks for sharing this, I needed it. But I tend to argue that hope is bad company.

  2. rattus says:

    Change, hope, anger, courage, good, and bad. Subjects of paradoxes. Subjects to change.

  3. Cairo Otaibi says:

    good or bad are judgements, they have no essential character. anger could be an emotion, thus not worth having, and courage is insanity. there is no paradox, other than itself.

  4. rattus says:

    *Grrrrr* *hiss* *humph* *whist* *grumble* *grasp* … … feels good :-D

  5. rattus says:

    Or, in words of Bill Watterson:

    Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. That’s the one thing we know for sure in this world.
    But I’m still going to gripe about it.

  6. rattus says:

    I wonder whether it needs hope to say that it doesn’t.

  7. Cairo Otaibi says:

    wondering is good. need is normal. knowledge is often useless.

  8. rattus says:

    Yummy, your writing is sultry.
    [Yes, yes, it’s me who said this ;]

  9. ik says:

    every emotion is worth having. life is.