The Nonsense Box

Imagine you have just found a beautiful box and you decide to put into it all that wonderful senseless stuff that compiled up all around over the years. On the box cover you write in big letters NONSENSE.

Of course, that makes sense. A box that holds nonsense in it might well be named after its contents as such. Certainly, we could argue about what nonsense means. But, let’s keep it simple. Let’s say, nonsense means that it makes no sense; that it’s stupid, confusing, and absurd. A nonsense text, for instance, could even be paradox, contradicting, or plain wrong.

No, wait, what does the cover say? It says that the contents do not make any sense. But the contents do not make any sense. That’s why we put them in the box. So, the box says that (its) things that do not make any sense do not make any sense. But it does make sense that they are in there.

You see, and this is also what flUxUs is about.

3 Responses to “The Nonsense Box”

  1. ik says:

    i have an ever growing nonSense box in my head. It contains all my most important, most beautiful, most touching moments and feelings which made no sense at all which made the most sense of all.

  2. Ben says:

    “You see, and this is also what flUxUs is about.” … especially the box thing :-)

  3. rattus says:

    Another way to illustrate The Nonsense Box Paradox is to ask whether the box itself should be part of its contents. I see this as a twisted version of the Russell’s Paradox.