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December 19th, 2008

Linus Torvalds, recently wrote about debugging hell in his private blog. What I read is a wonderful variation of Paul Watzlawick’s story of a man who is looking for his keys where the lantern shines instead of where he lost them:

Torvalds was desperately looking for the solution of a serious problem which seemed to occur only spontaneously and at a time where it could not be observed, analyzed or tracked. Later, a method was found which allowed to trigger the problem but it apparently had “nothing what-so-ever to do with the actual failure itself”. Eventually, colleagues found “the real clue” by looking at one incident where the problem did not occur.

rätsel sind die auflösung

January 6th, 2006

es gibt keine auflösungen. rätsel sind die auflösung. oder, wenn du so willst: das ist die auflösung, das rätsel und auch nicht. rätsel verbergen nichts, sie legen offen, sie sind überall und nirgendwo. ich trage sie, die rätsel und ihre auflösungen, in mir.