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May 6th, 2007

ratTus rattUs co-maintains contradicTshirts, a collection of (mostly) “T-Shirts for the conshirtiously contradicTshirty“. Some designs are inspired by postings at rattus rattus’ blog, thus there is also a series of rattus rattus’ shirts:

The dichoTomizer
T-shirt design dichoTomizer

WRONG but wrong

WRONG but wrong

Simply wrong

T-shirt design wrong

Wrong but wrong

May 6th, 2007

WRONG but wrong

Inspired by ideas circling around some postings here, such as “What is wrong“, we at contradicTshirts established a new series of designs and T-shirts: right/wrong.

Me, a dichoTomizer

April 26th, 2007

dichoTomizer design

So, someone and I have started our own T-shirt shop contradicTshirts. The above design is one of our first genuine designs. I am planning to feature some rattus rattus’ blog T-shirts, of course.
Watch out! And meanwhile, happy dichotomizing.