Me, a dichoTomizer

dichoTomizer design

So, someone and I have started our own T-shirt shop contradicTshirts. The above design is one of our first genuine designs. I am planning to feature some rattus rattus’ blog T-shirts, of course.
Watch out! And meanwhile, happy dichotomizing.

2 Responses to “Me, a dichoTomizer”

  1. rattus says:

    Right now there are only two rather plain shirts. We will add more within a day or two. Especially for women, too.

    Anyway, please, feel free to provide us with suggestions of color and size, and on what stuff we should print it for you.

  2. rattus says:

    There they are: dichoTomizer printed black on a sunny yellow raw-edged top, and printed white on white on a black racerback vest shirt. Though, you can change the color of the shirt when ordering.
    Happy dichoTomizing!