Tricking myself in the morning

Often, when I wake up in the morning still tired and dizzy I try to move my brain into gear by thinking about what was, what is, and what I might perhaps possibly do if I managed to get up after all. Since I do know that I really should get out of bed I confine my thinking to, you know, important issues, urgent stuff, and things that matter.

Today, I caught myself thinking that all this thinking between alarms is only my brain trying to trick myself. Actually, I realized that it’s my body who manages to get my brain to do as if it could really utilize the alarm clock’s snoozer time to the best. Like every 5 minutes thinking (half asleep) in bed is as good as 5 minutes out of bed, and getting things done (even half asleep).

Apparently, I was quite awake (or my mind is already so twisted) because I did also realize that I am a liar trying to trick myself by sincerely thinking about how my body and mind are trying to trick myself.

One Response to “Tricking myself in the morning”

  1. rattus says:

    Though, when I want to get out of bed immediately with the first ring of the alarm clock, I no less have to trick myself by using the most annoying alarm clock, made in an indestructible casing, put at a place out of reach, supplied with fresh batteries, and, set and armed to go off at whatever time which I will think of as much too early anyway :)