Colors between black and white (guest post)

[Guest post by our dear reader and frequent commenter bb, in reply to To my friends]

Whenever I meet ‘black-and-white’ people (I call b&w those who part the world in what’s right=white and what’s wrong=black and don’t allow anything in between), I always have this kind of choking feeling — as if I was in a crowded elevator, with a horrible, tight dress my grandmother bought and obliged me to wear, going to some annoying 10th degree relatives dinner where everybody will inquire and argue about my empty love life. Ok, maybe I’ve a little bit overstated it, but not that much! However, I really feel compassion for this kind of people, who miss all the wonderful colors (and nuances!) between b and w …

Let me explain how this is pictured into my mind. The b and the w are just the extreme points of a straight line (maybe infinite), and anything in life is something (or everything) in between. Maybe everyone has different b and w points, and maybe what’s red for me is green for you (and this adds to the fun!), but the point is that there are infinitely many colors of life. And, I guess, two people feeling a great agreement, are lying on the same color, right on the same moment.

But now I discover something worse than b&w people, which is, b=w people! Or, everything is equal to nothing, wrong is equal to right, good is equal to bad. Aargh! Yes, you don’t need to be a mathematician to see what the result is: If the extreme points of a line coincide, then the line is just a point: No colors at all! How could I survive in a world without colors!? And, don’t you just try to drop the extremes and keep what’s in between! Because in this case, all what is in between exists just as (linear;) combination of the extremes. If there are no b and w, there is nothing at all! :-(

So, you need your reference points, your right and your wrong, so that you can choose. And, when you know you can choose to choose right, choose to choose wrong, or choose anything in between and change your position in the line as fast as you can, anyway you always choose. And this is the enjoyment of all the colors of life. If I look back to all my experiences (that I love to call the adventures of my life), I realize that I enjoyed more those I put in their right color. I enjoyed the white of being useful for a friend, I enjoyed the blue of stealing sunflowers to eat the seeds, I enjoyed the red of living my passions, I enjoyed the green and the yellow and the orange (oh, may I suggest you the orange …), and each in a wonderfully different way!

I wish you to see your b and your w, and to enjoy both, and everything in between.

BTW, to whom it may concern, I’m on the orange now: come here and make love with me! ;-)

[/Guest post by our dear reader and frequent commenter bb, in reply to To my friends]

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One Response to “Colors between black and white (guest post)”

  1. ik says:

    Wonderful text, bb! Or should I say colorful… :)
    I am still dancing around purple and blue these days…