Double bind feedback

At the end of a lecture series (again, and again on human ecology) students were asked for feedback about the lecture series as part of their exams. In order to get a certificate, students have to hand in a written statement including critical feedback about the lecture series.

If I was in need of self-affirmation, I would just do the same. Critical thinking is all good and praiseworthy. Indeed. Please criticize! Them, me, and don’t forget yourself!

Double binds and Catch-22s might be fun as part of brain-teasers, and they build grounds for game theoretic prisoner’s dilemmas. Though, some might want to keep in mind that double binds have also long been discussed in the context of schizophrenia. As much as they are versatile means of breaking one’s personality and self-esteem they are essential not only to modern techniques of torture.

On no side’s side:
You want feedback? — You got it.

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  1. rattus says:

    When I wrote the above entry, the article

    Ethics of the Unspeakable: Torture Survivors in Analytic Treatment
    by Beatrice M. Patsalides, Ph.D.

    was still available at URL
    Apparently, decided to withdraw contents of past issues. Though, you may still read the article at

  2. rattus says:

    Fortunately, Beatrice Patsalides’ article re-surfaced here and there.