Hope for sustainability

Sustainability is everywhere. Like viability it is a static concept of concepts, ever changing views, values, and notions. No living system, that is no autopoietic system, has ever been or is unsustainable unless one calls the living dead.

Why am I adding my skeptical bits? Asking why is the quest for criteria, and vice versa, whenever one is applied we cannot but take sides. For then being asked to justify our appropriation, reason and cause shall even up the actual impudence, or exorbitance. Choose yourself.

What makes me hope are the many paradoxical aspects of Sustainable Development. And some researchers are well aware of them. What are we missing? Might the paradoxes seen in Sustainable Development blind out the paradoxes of life itself? Please, sustain paradoxes.

Speaking of autopoietic systems the code of sustainability, this ultimate criterion, is sustainability itself. In order for sustainability to sustain it needs to incorporate change (contrary to its ongoing externalization). Indicators indicate, criteria of sustainability decide. Each and everything considered unsustainable shall be cut off. The price of precious diversity.

Oh, the pleasures of ethical concepts.
Pregnancy of a fucked up mind.
Bound to sustain.

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