Conversations aren’t contests

A conversation of Calvin with his cartoon fellow Hobbes from 1995-08-05.


When a person pauses in mid-sentence to choose a word, that’s the best time to jump in and change the subject!
It’s like an interception in football! You grab the other guy’s idea and run the opposite way with it!
The more sentences you complete, the higher is your score! The idea is to block the other guy’s thoughts and express your own! That’s how you win!


Conversations aren’t contests!


OK. A point for you, but I’m still ahead.

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3 Responses to “Conversations aren’t contests”

  1. ik says:

    heeh, heeh. :)

  2. rattus says:

    ik — no point for you ;-)

  3. ik says:

    rattus – you have no idea how damn well i finally _did_ score yesterday! wuahahaaaaaa! :)