A liar who knows nothing

Truth and knowledge often enter the arena hand in hand. Knowledge being honored if true, truth being more valued if known.

Imagine Socrates were living in Crete. Say, being Epimenides‘ brother. A liar saying he knows nothing but the fact of his ignorance. The Honorable Chief Judge Aristotle, as yesterday so today, might have had him burn at the stake much earlier.

In some languages a double negative resolves to a negative, while in others it resolves to a positive. (Wikipedia, as of 2006-08-06)

Let’s try this. Do the following resolve to a negative or to a positive?

  • I can’t get no satisfaction.
  • But never do what you are not told.
  • He doesn’t know nothing ’bout no knowin.
  • Though, she does not know her ignorance.
  • Anyway, no words ought not to be trusted.

It’s a weird thing.

I am glad I am a liar who knows nothing save that there is more to know than knowledge. Now, go ahead, sue me!

One Response to “A liar who knows nothing”

  1. rattus says:

    For some added reading pleasures might I suggest to have a look at the etymology of sue.