Sustainable disfinism

There are basically two ways to indulge in disfinism — the science of no definition: Don’t provide any definition, or provide a new one for each and every occasion and let everyone come up with their own. Worst of all: Make them differ only slightly. For examples see

4 Responses to “Sustainable disfinism”

  1. Andris says:

    I find it difficult to sustain interest.

  2. rattus says:

    I guess many people quickly loose interest in abundance.

  3. rattus says:

    And some would want to add: … until they drown.

  4. rattus says:

    “Definitions of Sustainable Development” compiled by Susan Murcott (MIT) and published 1997 was available at appen-a.htm at least until March 2007 but is gone. I have changed the links to copies which can be found here and there.