Check your list of lists

Juliet Ernst suggests to have a ‘before you call’ list at hand that could help us to systematically rule out all the less significant possible causes before [we] panic or descend into real depressive funks.

This is a wonderful idea. So, I put on my list to make a list. Making lists sure is included in many people’s lists. Lists of people who like lists. That’s probably why there are recipes. Because life is complicated (which is a lie), and lists are simple (which is another one).

Like with good recipes we need more lists: Good lists, suitable lists, easy lists, short ones and long ones, comprehensive lists, serious, scientific lists, approved lists, experts’ lists, classifying and diminishing lists, and, of course, lists of lists, such as this one.

Eventually, do not forget to check your list of lists, and your schedules, your categories, registers, criteria, systems of divisions, rules for distinction; your catalogs and inventories; your principles, and

3 Responses to “Check your list of lists”

  1. juliet ernst says:

    this is juliet ernst! i cannot describe for you how alarming and delightful it is to find myself referred to in this way. i’m glad the idea is useful to you. we don’t know each other, do we?

    in any event, i am beginning a series of weekly mailings, at no cost to you, in lieu of any more online writing. would you be interested? all i require is your physical address and you can expect a letter next week and every week thereafter. it’s a leap of faith, i realize, to give your address to a stranger, but i thought i’d offer in case that sort of thing does not bother you.

    thanks! hope all is well.

  2. rattus says:

    Juliet, thank you for your kind words.
    I am excitedly looking forward to reading more of you.

  3. rattus says:

    Juliet’s blog post at is gone for good. Unfortunately, I could not find any archived copy. I removed the link.