Almost unique

She: I discovered that we are almost unique.
He: Define almost!
She: The problem is not the almost, the problem is the unique.
Though, of course, it is not the unique problem, but almost!


6 Responses to “Almost unique”

  1. michael ridsdale says:

    from the begining ..everythings a lie ,

    this is your paradox ,

    if this is your belief ,

    how can you be someone .

    if nothing is true ..everyone is a liar in some way ,

    you do the math .

  2. michael ridsdale says:

    i didnt say this

  3. michael ridsdale says:

    when was the last time you skimmed a stone on a pond and watched the ripples .. its a unique experience

    no, you can throw another , its just the same , everyone does it

    your all the same ..?

    you all say that..

    you said that last time .

    theres nothing new under the sun ..

    just a second ..

    the ripples are at the shore .

    my point exactly . X

  4. michael ridsdale says:

    whats almost missing .

  5. rattus says:

    “you do the math” … and we did.

    BTW, thanks a lot for pointing me at the etymology of “shore”. I had no idea! “The ripples are at the shore” indeed.

  6. rattus says:

    Offline comment by UknowhoUr (thanks!):
    Peter Rauhofer — Unique

    Unique — Is what you are
    Unique — Is what you seek
    Unique — You are one of a kind
    Unique — You blow my mind …