Annoying people

For Katharina

The most annoying aspect of annoying people is that it’s still you who gets annoyed. Nobody knows better to annoy you than you yourself.

And as far as I am concerned I am an expert.

3 Responses to “Annoying people”

  1. Cairo Otaibi says:

    What an annoyance!

  2. rattus says:

    Is it? For me, the whole concept of annoyance is a lie. Not that this would make any difference, of course, especially not if said by a liar.
    You know, if an annoyance is annoying and this, too, is an annoyance this whole thing would make a puff in a flash, or so. In other words, I think it is essential that an annoyance is annoying as well as it is not. If this is annoying welcome to the club.
    And don’t you say you hate me for this ;)

  3. ratina ratta says:

    I’m holding out for a dating site that caters to people who are undatable.

    EDIT 2009-12-16 [by rattus]: Original URL not available anymore. See the full page with ads and all.