Nosing myself

Our dog is the most beautiful. And not just this, when I dig my nose into her fur I can smell the bouquet of wild honey.

I always wanted to know how I smell. But nobody dares to tell me.

Given that I do not nose how smelly my dog is (because others did dare to tell me this) one has to conclude that I am as smelly as my dog, right?

Thus, no one dares to tell me, actually, that I smell like a dog
because I do.

One Response to “Nosing myself”

  1. bb says:

    Uhhh! Is that a transitive property? I mean, since you are not smelly to me, if you really are, does it mean that I am too?!? –Ohhh! Your dog smells soOo gOOd;))
    Could you just keep it faraway from me when I’m enjoying my espresso?