Non-existing Ratta(s)

[Ratta does not exist in many ways.]


One Response to “Non-existing Ratta(s)”

  1. bb says:

    Mmmm… After having read this entry, I’ve started guessing how we choose the way in which things do not exist. Do we choose the best or the worst case? I mean, am I thinking “wonderful sweet friendly Ratta does not exist”? Or rather, “ugly bad nasty Ratta does not exist”? Do we enjoy more good non-existing things or bad non-existing things? Well, this has not a unique solution, of course! To make the point: I am a Catholic girl, with a lot of non-Catholic friends. Here I just ignore the infinite ways on which one can be non-Catholic, and concentrate myself on a more funny topic: Heaven. Well, I can tell you how much I enjoy the orgy of opinions about that. Non-Catholic persons believe in non-existing Heaven in so many different ways. I mean, they don’t believe in Heaven, but have a clear idea of who is or is not there, and they are strict on it! Someone does not believe in Heaven, which is a great place, but with just few people, just this guy, but not this one… Other ones say that they don’t believe in Heaven, which is full of people, but just so boring… Well, I’m lucky I do believe on it, otherwise I’d become crazy in thinking in which way I do not! :)