Mind the meaning

A friend of mine recently said to me that I must not use the word “love” if I know that for my (listening) significant others the word has a different meaning.

5 Responses to “Mind the meaning”

  1. rattus says:

    Of course, I asked her. And she replied:

    Respect for others is beyond the meaning of words.

    Wonderful words. Wonderful lies.

  2. rattus says:

    Oh, and I wanted to add

    Respect of others is beyond the meaning of words.

  3. ik says:

    There are as many meanings of the word love as there are people. At least. Even I define love in at least 4 ways. 4? No. I don’t want to count, I don’t want to define, I want to love, I do. In different ways. And still there is enough similarity that makes me call it love. Feeling is always risky, and there is no guarantee in words. It’s not important what anyone says, it’s important how it feels, we’ll never know what s/he means anyway, but we might see and feel, sometime.
    And by the way: feeling is beyond the meaning of words.

  4. Ba says:

    I agree, we will never know what others ‘really’ mean when they say something, and we will never know what they will understand when we say something.
    And sometimes I struggle to put my feelings into the right words, so maybe it shouldn’t be the words we should get hung up about, maybe it should be what we do. What’s the word ‘I love you’ worth, if its not complemented with deeds.
    Maybe the ‘listener’ can equally be asked to accept your use of the word, as s-he knows what it means for you???? If I know what you mean, what YOU mean when you say ‘I love’ , then we both know that we mean something different …. nevertheless. love …Maybe we rather not speak about it, but do it ….

  5. rattus says:

    Are these 2 of the longer comments here telling me that there is life beyond words? — You are welcome! Here at the blog devoted to the love of lies (and liars) :)