Lies with wigs

If you were a liar and if you thought your hair is telling the truth what would you do?

You could wear a wig in order to cover the truth. But the wig is truth. Someone could see you wearing a wig. That’s the truth but you are a liar.

You could wear two wigs. One to cover your hair, one to cover the wig covering your hair. It will be difficult but you are a true liar. You’ll spare neither trouble nor expense.

It would be much easier if your hair was lying too. You’d not have to wear a wig, thus you’d wear one.

Of course, you could wear a hat on your wig, but you’d always fear the moment where you’d have to put it off. This is what hats are for. One can take them off, and back on again. Or someone else could.

Hats are transferable. Wigs are too, theoretically.
You see, wigs are metaphors. Hats are too, but practically.

We choose our lies.

How does a liar try to hide the fact of being a liar?

I think a wig is no lie. Though, a wig could be a lie’s metaphor. And a lie could be a wig’s metaphor. If a wig is a metaphor, then it actually is the metaphor of a lie’s metaphor.

Imagine a wig is a lie. Could you see it?
What does a metaphor tell?
What does a wig hide?

Thanks to The Man Who Couldn’t Blog for incentives.

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  1. the man who couldn't blog says:

    You are very welcome.

  2. rattus says:

    man who couldn’t blog — thanks for stopping by. And thanks so much for keeping up and feeding your wonderful blog.