Not speaking of myself

Ratta is not speaking of herself

[Ratta says she is not speaking of herself.]

6 Responses to “Not speaking of myself”

  1. ik says:


  2. rattus says:

    Tch, here, elsewhere, anywhere!
    But, yes, you nearly got me ;)

  3. lukas says:

    yes, you’re not speaking … but you’re writing.

    but look at that: I CAN SHOUT without saying a word :)

    don’t listen to me, just read, I don’t listen to me too, because I don’t say a word to me

    i like the sense of nonsense..

  4. rattus says:

    Lots of understanding even without hearing you :)

  5. bb says:

    WOo-HOo! Is there a small-little-Ratta on Ratta’s head?! Cute!:-)

  6. Ratta says:

    bb — sorry, but above my head is nothing. Maybe you’ve been looking into a mirror?