What makes sense?

Ratta says that humans make sense

[What makes sense? — Ratta’s answer: Humans do!]

4 Responses to “What makes sense?”

  1. rattus says:

    So, this is Ratta’s comment on What’s making sense.

  2. ik says:

    ‘Well spoken’, says Pi the penguin. :)

  3. eb says:

    Uff, Ratta.

    When we should Stop Making Sense,
    but you find it´s humans making sense,
    will there be anything but nothing in the end?

    0 = MS
    H = MS
    0 = H

    Logically there will remain rats and penguins only. And I thought you liked us a little.
    Confess you are a liar! OH!

  4. Ratta says:

    Nothing to confess here! I am drawn by a human :-)