A matter of quantity

Would you agree that everything is a matter of quantity or am I asking for too much?

This may not be a water-tight paradox but I like it nevertheless.

8 Responses to “A matter of quantity”

  1. rattus says:

    The original phrasing was German:

    Würdest Du zustimmen, dass alles eine Frage der Menge ist, oder ist das
    zuviel verlangt?

  2. eb says:

    How much quantity of quality does a paradox need to be undoubtedly water-tight?

  3. rattus says:

    For this blog let’s hope less than this much.

  4. cairo otaibi says:

    this is too deep for me. i always thought it was a matter of size. but what does size have to do with quantitiy?

  5. rattus says:

    Cairo — *LOL* This reminds me of the question what is better than 1 big … um, say, 1 big cup of delicious espresso.

  6. Cairo Otaibi says:

    dance with me, dance with me! life is nothing but dance. if you can not dance, what are you doing on earth?

  7. rattus says:

    Make music? … ;-)

  8. rattus says:

    Write some crap, will you!?