No comment is a comment

Ratta about not getting no comments

[Ratta says, it’s good to know that getting no comments is one hell of a comment.]

5 Responses to “No comment is a comment”

  1. eb says:

    Ask if someone feels the same.

  2. rattus says:

    Does someone feel the same?

  3. Cairo Otaibi says:

    No comment is a strong comment. My son tells me that I am an attention whore. I do not know about you, but I do know about me, I am an attention whore. Like you, I am also a liar, and do love lies. Did I write “liar”? I mean, I am a storyteller. Still… you can not attract flies with vinegar, or so I am told. The bloody beasts keep on keeping me company and I am pretty acidic…

  4. rattus says:

    Cairo — welcome to the club, though, what makes you think your comments are weak? I am fueled by coffee and vinegar. Add mustard and you wake the beast(s) in me.

  5. Attention whores [rattus rattus’ blog] says:

    […] Enough people, it might seem, wrote about the term attention whore. The Urban Dictionary expressively explains attention whore. The Uncyclopedia shows some imagery. Wonderful writer Cairo Otaibi pretended to out herself in a comment to No comment is a comment. Google lists a gazillion of results, and even more so, quite a number of people say: We are all attention whores. […]