(Fe)male arguments

My list of some dichotomies is missing the delicate discretion of women versus men, though it is always good enough for some humor; one that can be found elsewhere but I AM … NOT‘s place is so much more exciting since I AM … NOT refuses to hate me; probably because he believes rattus to be male though she is not. Anyway, I AM … NOT, listen up! You could at least lie to me.

3 Responses to “(Fe)male arguments”

  1. i am not says:

    Hey, don’t take me personally, ya? I’ve never been a good liar actually. Erm … and that’s a lie …

  2. rattus says:

    I once uttered: We do not care about what you think you are not. Maybe I should restate this. But I’d need to think about it first which I’d do if I only knew what this think is all about. Anyway, I got to have the last word. For a while.

  3. rattus says:

    For the archive: I AM … NOT’s blog was deleted some months ago. Moreover, I could not find any archived versions nor pointers to new locations except for a collection of some comments on I AM … NOT’s blog at coComment.com.