Responsibility for free

A local advertisement company is currently running a campaign where they print quotes on big posters at public places (Zeit für ein Zitat 2007). One the quotes repeatedly caught my attention on my way home:

Freedom’s other name is responsibility.
— Thomas Mann

Well done, Thomas. And thanks for the entertainment. It was a two corner walk until I saw the lie within.

P.S.: The original German quote is: Der Freiheit anderer Name heißt Verantwortung. I could not find any other reference of it. So, who knows, maybe Thomas Mann never said or wrote it anyway.

3 Responses to “Responsibility for free”

  1. bb says:

    Well, I can tell you, there’s no lie in it…unfortunately! :/

    Though, there’s another TM quote that makes me crazy (and that will delight you): “A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a truth.”

  2. rattus says:

    Thanks a lot for the quote, and for the lies ;) Welcome to the club of liars.

  3. bb says:

    Heck! There’s no lie in my lies! :)