No one fucking cares about Art

Cartoon by hugh macleod

just because this is “Art” doesn’t mean anyone fucking cares.

I do not care. I do not care that no one cares. I do not care about a piece of “Art” telling me that I possibly do not care. What does it mean to take no care? Ignore me! If I do not care that I do not care I could just as well care about it. … And, yet, we have not talked about what “Art” means, nor why anyone fucking should care or why anyone would want to care at all.

One Response to “No one fucking cares about Art”

  1. Floyd Alsbach says:

    Hilarious, though a little rough. Reminds me of how I talked and thought when I was 19. Deep inside I still feel that way sometimes, especially when I see someone saunter by one of my paintings as if it were white wall.